West Coasting: Tale Of A Lingerie Photoshoot

Posted on 03 August 2016

The Madonna Inn

What do you get when you mix 3 girls, the Pacific Coast Highway and a trunk full of lingerie? You get a killer road trip and a memorable WonderLust photoshoot! Earlier this summer a few friends and I moseyed on up to the sunny countryside of California to shoot some lingerie in the famed pink palace, the Madonna Inn. I had been dreaming of the Madonna Inn for years after I heard about their ornate decor, abundant silk flowers, and pink furnishings, so this was my chance to finally bask in it's glory IRL (though I somehow missed the waterfall urinals in the men's room so I guess I'll just have to go back now).

Lucky for me, a good friend who shall remain nameless (some of us have respectable day jobs ;)) graciously offered to model our wares in exchange for our eternal appreciation and admiration. And the results were gorgeous! Between the eclectic backdrop of this unique hotel and our model's ethereal beauty, our lingerie offerings looked amazeballs. Yeah, I said it - amazeballs. Here are a couple of my absolute favorite shots from the trip.


KissKill Rhiannon set

Totally and utterly obsessed with this photo and I can't decide which I like better - the KissKill Rhiannon set or the energy it creates when mixed with the bold floral backdrop.


Pretty Polly Daisy set

Ok, if I had a floral vanity mirror and matching sink in my bathroom I'd probably never leave. We matched it with the Daisy set from Pretty Polly because: florals.


Dining room at the Madonna Inn

It's like a beautiful pink unicorn threw up in this dining room and then magical fairies swooped down to scatter the puke with roses and sparkles!


Siobhan Barrett Ice Cream swimsuit

Keeping cool by the pool in the Ice Cream swimsuit and wishing these treats were real because it can get pretty hot in the Cali countryside....


Hipster G Heavy Metal bodysuit

This tiled wall was basically made to match the Heavy Metal bodysuit. Plus, I'm really feeling this color palette and taking notes for decorating my next apartment.


Cherub well

I wasn't lying when I said this place was magical. Cherubs and angels abound in the rooms, lobby and even the garden.


Madonna Inn postcards

Look at all the guest rooms you can stay in! They all have their own unique theme and it was so hard picking just one to stay in - which would you choose?

I think it's safe to say that we all had a blast on this shoot. Even more fun than the copulating couple next door who kept us up with their moaning all freakin' night long. Yeah.... those walls were pretty thin. But with these awesome shots, it was totally worth the sacrifice.

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