Summertime Swimwear: Our Favorite New Brands For This Season

Posted on 20 July 2016

Girls in bikinis

(Bikini Girls via Mlenny photography)

We're used to constantly getting wet here in the big apple (dripping air conditioners, city sludge, acid rain, etc), but sadly it's rarely by choice and in a clean, cool, chlorinated pool. Sure, the NYC beaches are okay and all, but a pool is hard to come by unless you have tons of cash or don't mind sharing it with some pool-peeing kids. But just because I don't get to swim as much as I'd like it doesn't stop me from indulging in a new swimsuit each summer. If I only wear a bathing suit once a year then I plan on looking damn cute each time.

I must admit I've been disenchanted with the selection of fashion swimwear these past few years though. I initially went into lingerie design back in the day because I was looking to do swimwear at first and I obviously still have a passion for it today. But I hadn't been feeling that same excitement lately when the bikinis hit the shelves. It had all become a bit... generic. But no more! Thankfully some new creative indie brands have been coming out of the internets lately & offering some fresh ideas for us swimaholics. So long Victoria’s Secret swimwear! We'll miss you  but there's some new kids on the block that promise to make the summer as hot as ever.

Lee and Lani
(Lee and Lani Kissing Flamingo one piece)

One of the brands I'm seriously fan-girling after is edgy label Lee and Lani out of Los Angeles. Their suits are unique and offer a new take on the popular trends like cage detailing and illusion mesh. Do I want hot pink flamingos covering my nipples? Now I do! Looking to show a little under-boob? They've got you covered (or I should say, uncovered)! Lee and Lani is pioneering the way with avant garde, shoulder pad bikini tops and see-through granny style briefs, not to mention their trendier styles like long-sleeve tops and asymmetrical one-pieces. This is one label to keep an eye on.

Fanta Body
(Fanta body orange Valentina one-piece)

Another newbie is Fanta Body out of Milan, Italy. I've only recently been introduced to them but was hooked the moment I saw their fresh spin on cut-outs and one-pieces. Offered in bright colors as well as textures like velour, these super cool suits are like complimentary architecture for the body and can easily double as outerwear or active wear. Their unique shapes include single long-sleeved styles and circle-shaped cut-out fronts. My belly may not be the most flattering part of my body but I'd sure as hell still rock these awesome silhouettes by the pool.

Pacific and Driftwood

 (Pacific and Driftwood Yosemite Deux rainbow bikini)

Oh, and I also wouldn't be mad if someone wanted to treat me to a set from Pacific & Driftwood this season while we're at it. Also out of LA this laid-back label makes some retro-cool sets that are sure turn heads at the beach. I'm partial to the retro 70's rainbow bikini tops à la Roller Girl and the lace up back one-piece, but hey - that's just me! They also carry some more boho styled pieces and some basics but it’s the fun stuff that's got me hooked right now.

These are just a few of the impressive labels I've been following lately but lucky for me there are more popping up each year and I can't wait to start carrying some on WonderLust! Maybe I just need to move down to the Caribbean or Mexico already so I can start getting more use out of the growing swimsuit collection I've got going on here. Hey, a girl can dream, can't she?


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