Lingerie And Lunch in Los Angeles

Posted on 29 June 2016

Me at the Santa Monica Pier

(Trying to be cute at the Santa Monica pier)

When I launched this business a year and a half ago, I chose the name WonderLust partially because of my love of Wonder Woman and the bad-assery that goes with her, and partially because of my lust for cool and unique lingerie. But I also chose that name because of my love of travel and constant desire to fulfill my never ending wanderlust. I guess that explains why every few months I get bitten by the travel bug and find it impossible not to take a little holiday. This month I gave in to the obsession and flew on over to the West Coast to catch up with the lingerie scene in LA and stage a fun shoot at the majestic and kitschy Madonna Inn in San Luis Obispo (if you haven't yet, you must check out - it's too cute!). Even though the trip was supposed to focus on the lingerie and reconnecting with friends and family, it kind of morphed into a culinary tour of sorts, as I ate my way through the city of LA.


Inside view of the Commissary
(The sunny interior of the Commissary in Koreatown)

I've never been much of a foodie before but within this last year my interest in the culinary arts has grown... along with my waistline. New York has some of the most amazing food in the world so you could say I'm spoiled already, but now after eating all of Los Angeles I want to experience more! Sure, I still made the lingerie rounds:Trashy, Panty Raid, Lenceria, What Katie Did.... but those visits were constantly interspersed with a snack here, meal there, an extra treat here. I learned more about kale and cold pressed juices ($12 a bottle?!), had some of the best vegan fare ever, and learned that the sky is the limit when it comes to donut toppings.

One of the most picturesque places I visited for food was the Commissary at the Line Hotel in Koreatown. It was the Instagram photos that convinced me to give this place a try and after brunching there in person I was not disappointed. While smaller than I imagined, the atmosphere felt fresh, sunny and exciting. The bright interior warmed my soul which was then cooled with some frosty cocktails and a delicious summer salad. The pool beside it looked tempting while the rooftop lounge made for a great backdrop for photos of my own. And after such a light, healthy brunch I felt ready to take on the day... in addition to some more calories!


The Dragon's Breath dessert
(Exhaling liquid Nitrogen from the Dragon's Breath dessert at Chocolate Chair)

So next up I took a walk over to Chocolate Chair, also in K-Town, arriving sweaty and in need of something cold ASAP. While they had a great selection of ice creams I, being the tourist that I am, made a beeline for the Dragon's Breath dessert so I could get my selfie on. This smoky, yet surprisingly light dessert consists of a cup of cereal-like balls in various fruit flavors that have been frozen in liquid Nitrogen. Light, dry and crunchy, it feels like you are eating air on a stick. Pop one or a two in your mouth with a skewer (touching them with your hand will burn) and the dry ice wafts out of your nose and mouth with each breath, making you look like a fire-breathing dragon. It doesn't taste like much but it's tons of fun and every single customer there was also busy recording their dragon breathing moments to document on social media.

And while we're on the topic of desserts, I may have gone a little donut crazy this trip too. California Donuts was my top pick where I spent a good 30 minutes trying to narrow down my choice from I'll-take-one-of-each-please to just two. Fonuts came in second place with their vegan, baked goodness. I also had my first addictive Persian ice cream experience in Westwood and tried in desperation to sample the cotton candy head at Barton G (but sadly failed on that front).


Eating at California Donuts
(About to devour a Froot Loops donut from California Donuts)

You'd think I'd be stuffed full by this point but I just kept on going! Dogtown Cafe in Santa Monica, Gjelina in Abbot Kinney, Gracias Madre in West Hollywood and ramen at Robata Jinya. By the time I road tripped up to San Luis Obispo for the WonderLust photoshoot (and stopped on the way to leave my mark on Bubblegum Alley) I was sluggish and bloated but happy! This was a vacation so I regret nothing and already have a new list of places to go next time I'm there. Until then though, it's kale, kombucha and kickboxing for the rest of the summer. Ok, and maybe the occasional donut or two.

What are your favorite places to eat in LA or NYC?


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