Curve NY: What's New For Spring 2017

Posted on 10 August 2016

Curve Expo banner

If you're familiar with apartment hunting in NYC (or anywhere for that matter) then you know that it's just about the most stressful thing ever... maybe with the exception of riding the 6 train during rush hour. So at first when I heard that this season's Curve Expo show would fall in the middle of my moving ordeal I was dreading it. How am I going to transport a decade of my life to another borough AND take time out to see all my vendors and scope out the new trends? But as the date loomed closer I realized what a relief it would actually be to have that break from the move and to take time off from boxing and packing to spend some time in my happy place.

Lingerie shows like these revive me and since I can no longer afford to fly to Paris twice a year for Mode City, Curve Expo has taken the top place in my heart. While this season's show was a little quieter than usual I still left feeling inspired and invigorated. Many of my fave brands turned out gorgeous updates to their collections as per usge, reminding me why I love them so much. And even though there weren't too many new brands to discover, I still had a blast catching up with the regulars. 

Rather than bore you with a post on why these designers are so awesome (which you probably already know!) I figured I'd give you all a break and just post some of the lovely photos I took last week for the Spring 2017 season. Feel free to peruse the below eye candy as I begrudgingly start up with my packing once again.
ELF Zhou
(Leather harness bra by E.L.F. Zhou)
Loveday London leather bra
(Leather and lace bra by Loveday London)
Loveday London metallic bra
(Pink metallic leather bra by Loveday London)
Erica M
(Seamless set by Erica M)
Mimi Holiday swan set
(Tulle swan set by Mimi Holiday)
Mimi Holiday floral set
(Tulle floral set by Mimi Holiday)
Jane Woolrich rose corset
(Rose corset by Jane Woolrich)
Jane Woolrich satin and lace corset
(Satin and lace corset by Jane Woolrich)
Marlies Dekkers geisha set
(Print mix geisha set by Marlies Dekkers)
KissKill mesh bra
(Cross mesh bra by KissKill)
Which is your favorite?

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  • probe97: December 15, 2017

    I really love those two Loveday London gorgeous bra’s.

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