#LingerieLife: A Recap From The Fall 2017 Trade Shows

Posted on 07 March 2017

Curve Expo NYC

If there's one thing all small business owners have in common, it's exhaustion! The life of an entrepreneur is a constant hustle full of sporadic hours and a roller coaster of emotions. We are constantly consumed with anxiety, confusion and worry as we log countless days in our secluded echo chambers. I've definitely spent weeks and even months submerged in my little lingerie bubble and it can really take its toll on a person. Of course, ask any any of us and we'll tell you that the reason we keep it up despite all the stress is for those small, fleeting moments of pride and success that pop up when we're least expecting it. But for the most part, being an entrepreneur can be a very isolating career choice.

One of the best excuses for me to get out of my entrepreneur wormhole is the Curve Expo trade show that comes to town twice a year. It's a great chance for me to recharge my lingerie batteries and get some fresh air. Buyers and brands from around the world come to socialize, reconnect, inspire and see the sun again. So after attending it last week I'm finally feeling back to my old self and ready to get back to work! The new Fall 2017 designs I previewed were fresh and some new labels were out in full force so expect some fun new arrivals down the line. Curious as to what lingerie stylings you'll soon be seeing? Then read on!

Loveday London

Loveday London red leather

Loveday London silver lace

Loveday London bra
I've written about this luxury leather lingerie brand from London (wow, say that 5 times fast) before because I just can't get enough of them! Each season they wow me with their unique perspective on sexy, mixing hard and soft design elements into opulent designs that make my heart flutter. Surprisingly, their prices are not too outlandish so you may be seeing a few of these one-of-a-kind styles make a debut on our site soon.

Rya Collection

Rya Collection robe
As a budding Lingerista, I looked up to a handful of designers including Flora Nikrooz and her beautiful use of silks, pleating and rosettes. So when I met the lovely Flora at Curve last week I was excited to learn about her newest label - Rya Collection. The bold embroideries, cascading fringe and satin flowers looked updated and new while still embodying Flora's signature style. Fit for the girliest of girls, I think we'll be seeing more of this label in the future.

Bedhead Pajamas

Bedhead Pajamas

Bedhead Pajamas lipsticks
If you haven't guessed already we're suckers for cute & quirky prints - the wackier the better! Throw an alpaca on a pair of pjs (or undies) and we'd wear it in a heartbeat. Some Cactus on your sleepwear? Why not? And don't get me started on lipsticks - one of my favorite conversational prints every time!

Playful Promises

Playful Promises sequin set

Playful Promises bullet bra
Besides almost losing it over this mermaid sequin bra set, I found that the Playful Promises collection really spoke to me on so many levels. Their extended size range is
an exciting breath of fresh air and their prices are well within reach for every day lingerie lovers. Not to mention that their secondary Bettie Page line gave me all the feels, channeling true retro styles that are surprisingly wearable today!


Amoralle gown

Amoralle marabou
Visiting with Latvian based Amoralle felt like I had just stumbled into a fairy-tale dreamland. Their show-stopping luxurious sleepwear was adorned with feathers, lace and cascading ruffles - each piece took my breath away! In my opinion, this is what glamour looks like and though their prices are as extravagant as their designs, the princess fantasies they evoke make it all ok.

Edge O' Beyond

Edge O' Beyond gold lace

Edge O' Beyond pink lace
We've been a fan of Edge O' Beyond for quite some time now and judging by their rising popularity, we're not the only ones. Their unique designs always bring a little freshness into the lingerie world and their laces are my all time favorite. Whether it's gold sparkly roses on sheer black mesh or iridescent pink eyelash lace, these designs get me each and every time.

Va Bien

Va Bien galaxy

Va Bien silk
Though I was familiar with Va Bien's shapewear, I had never thought much of them as a fashion brand. No more! It turns out one of the most Instagramed pics at Curve last week was of their new Astronomy collection. Featuring silk loungewear with mythological creatures like Pegasus and metallic silver embroidered galaxies on soft mesh. Not only did these opulent styles look like a million bucks but you can probably read your horoscope on them too.


Layneau romper
Curve wasn't the only show going on last week. The Lingerie Selection trade show offered buyers an intimate space to shop some high end small designers. Layneau was one exhibitor with some of the most luxurious nightwear I've seen. The satin and lace combo is nothing new but somehow Layneau makes it look fresh and completely indulgent. Their one piece romper really hit it home for me combining one of my favorite, flirty silhouettes with sumptuous fabrics.

Erica M

Erica M socks
Also at The Lingerie Selection, Erica M's new collection had me pumped up for a night out on the town. A few new unorthodox but cheeky detachable charms gave her quality hosiery pieces a playful feel while her signature knit patterns still kept that sexy edge we know and love. I'm ready to rock the new knee high socks right now and you can be sure I'll need the feather charm to match.
Ok, now back to work for me.... Which are your favorites?

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  • addicted lingerie collector: May 03, 2019

    If I went to them shows. I would have to leave money behind. How do you keep yourself in control?

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