Color Me Captivated: The Vibrant Hues of New Orleans

Posted on 16 May 2018

New Orleans


Last week I had the chance to visit New Orleans for the first time and spent a few days immersing myself in the utter insanity that is the Big Easy. While I'd like to tell you some fantastical tales about debauchery and sin, I actually lead a rather tame life (for a lingerie designer) and spent most of my time there doing what I do best: shopping and eating.

While I also enjoyed some music, drinking, lingerie and even wildlife, I had the most fun walking around the different neighborhoods and admiring the unique architecture as well as the colorful buildings and houses. I wasn't aware that NOLA was also known for so much vibrancy! To my delight, many neighborhoods looked as if someone took a box of crayons to them and therefore I insisted on dragging the bf around for hours to snap a few pics.

As I soaked in the inspirational hues around me I began to fantasize about which outfits I could've worn to blend in with my surroundings. Dresses and skirts in bright citruses, bold jewel tones and candy pastels would've blended in perfectly and made for some killer Instagram photos! Since I missed my chance this trip, I've taken the liberty of styling some outfits for the next time I'm in town and am sharing them with you so you can get as inspired as well. Enjoy!


Possibly my favorite color combo ever! I’m getting major unicorn vibes right here:

Pink house

(Clockwise from top: Acne Studios, Moschino, Good Genes, BaubleBar)


I would’ve passed by this house without a glance if it weren’t for the awesome bold color combo. The purple door is just the cherry on top:

Turquoise house

(Clockwise from top: Lilly Pulitzer, Boden, Aldo)


I never realized how much I dig the color turquoise until I saw it here paired with lime green. This is tropical paradise right here:

Green house

(Clockwise from top: Lulu’s Christian Louboutin, Silk Scarves Takuyo, Claudette)


Why paint your house/place of business 2 colors when you can make it 4? I’d 100% paint a WonderLust Lingerie brick-and-mortar store these colors:

Purple house

(Clockwise from top: Ted Baker, Jessica Simpson, Fab Hatters, Claudette)


Be still my heart! I’ve always been a big orange fan (it’s just such a happy color!) but pairing it with purple just makes it that much better:

Orange house

(Clockwise from top: Asos, Saucony, Peter Grimm)


Purple is perfection so pile all the shades together for a monochromatic masterpiece. Fun, feminine and flirty this house is a girly girl’s dream:

Lilac house

(Clockwise from top: Asos, J.Crew, Marc Jacobs, Thistle And Spire)


Some may call it cartoonish but I call it commendable. These cool colors remind me of a field full of hydrangeas:

Blue house

(Clockwise from top: Milanoo, Maison Margiela, Playnomore)


Would you paint your house these colors? Which is your favorite?

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  • Tavera Del Toro: May 16, 2018

    love the blue house with the purple door. Maybe I’d paint it for my house, it looks so beachy:)

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