The Latest In Lingerie: New Designs From Curve Expo

Posted on 13 March 2018

Curve Expo


For those of us who despise winter, February can be one of the bleakest months of the year. Confined indoors, I find myself in a dull cycle of monotony: work, eat, sleep, repeat, making me seriously question my life choices. But luckily for a few days I'm able to forget the blustery winds and grey skies by distracting myself with beautiful lingerie.

The three days that Curve Expo comes to town are not only full of inspiration and excitement but I get to catch up with industry professionals and learn about new fashion trends as well as advancements in technology, retail and business. Navigating the ever-evolving fashion landscape is tricky and differentiating between long-term trends and quick fads can make a huge impact on a small business like WonderLust, which is why shows like these are so helpful for buyers. 

Fortunately, with hundreds of labels under one roof, it’s easy to spot those trends and I have to say, seeing how each brand interprets them is fascinating. The newest in colors, treatments and silhouettes are all on display of varying scales and while some of the ideas may become old news by next season, others are sure to stay. Here are some of what you can expect to see more of in 2018 and 2019.



Green has long been considered a risky fashion color in lingerie and associated with some of the lowest sales in the industry. But times are changing and it looks like green is now breathing new life into the lingerie market. It's safe to say we'll be seeing more of it to come, in shades from apple to olive to emerald. (shop our version here)








Not far off the green spectrum is peacock blue, which is also having a moment now. This jeweled tone is dark enough to be a safe choice for those who shy away from color but glamorous enough to give a new spin on sophistication and luxury.



 Coco De Mer
(Coco De Mer)


I've never really been a brown fan until recently when I've noticed some of my favorite lingerie brands glamming it up in luxury fabrics like satin and lace. This underrated neutral seems like a no-brainer, offering a new alternative to black. Sensual and extravagant, I can't wait to see where it'll go from here.


 Mimi Holliday
(Mimi Holliday)




Butterflies are one of those prints that never fully disappears from the market. These colorful creatures resonate with their soft lines and patterns but lately they've been making the rounds with a more sophisticated touch. Whether printed or appliquéd, butterflies are an obvious choice for an extra touch of femininity.


 Paul Stuart
(Paul Stuart)


Birds have also been showing up lately on bra cups, sleeves and hems. The types most prevalent were cranes and hummingbirds but I wouldn't be surprised if we see others kinds “taking flight” soon. These graceful animals lend a dainty look to their collections and feel new again.


Noblesse Oblige
(Noblesse Oblige)


The celestial trend has been growing for a few months now with anything astrological themed gaining traction. Stars are the most ubiquitous with their playful sensibility but moons, galaxies and constellations are gaining in popularity too. Maybe it's due to the rise of the spiritualism and the fantastical, but these mystic motifs are here to stay. (Shop our version here)


 Skarlett Blue
(Skarlett Blue)
 Va Bien
(Va Bien)


Embroideries are certainly not new to lingerie but lately there's been an uptick of unique embroidery patterns that differ from your typical traditional floral. These are exclusive designs you won’t find anywhere else as brands are experimenting with geometric shapes, unexpected color combinations and quirky novelty motifs. (Shop our version here)


 Mimi Holliday
(Mimi Holliday)
Skarlett Blue 
(Skarlett Blue)




Catherine D’Lish was onto something when she started wowing us with her dramatic plumage trimmed robes. Feathers are flying now with brands utilizing an array of feather shapes (ostrich, quail, goose) on necklines, sleeves, bra cups and hems. And for those who prefer a less theatrical approach, we’ve also spotted small accent feathers on charms, beads and trims. (Shop our version here)

 Rya Collection
(Rya Collection)


One of my favorite trends right now is raised 3D fabric embellishment. Using fabric to make flowers, butterflies, bows, petals that are then sewn onto the garment adding a fun, flirty effect. While this trend can easily cross the line into garish territory, the newest designs are subtler making it perfect for bridal and contemporary markets.

 Only Hearts
(Only Hearts)


One of the more innovative trends lately has been using laser cut fabrics to create unique designs. This method allows precise ornate patterns to be cut into fabric without yielding ragged edges or messy repeats. The final effect is almost lace-like and looks amazing on many fabrics from chiffon to leather.


 Yes Master
(Yes Master)
 Fraulein Kink
(Fraulein Kink)




I remember when bodysuits used to be a tough sell but now that high waist bottoms have hit the mainstream, tucked in tops are a necessity and bodysuits are a great way to achieve the look. As the line between lingerie and sportswear blurs, more people are layering sheer tops and bodysuits for an edgy statement and taking it to the streets. (Shop our version here)


 Thistle And Spire
(Thistle And Spire)
Playful Promises
(Playful Promises)


Now that all things 90’s are in, it was just a matter of time until hi cut undies hit the circuit again. Super retro and nostalgic, this silhouette has a more athletic feel, cut high up on the leg for a sexy lengthening effect. Expect to find them in sporty fabrics like cottons, ribs and athletic mesh.


Calvin Klein
(Calvin Klein)


Robes never go out of style but they have been more fashionable lately as people are wearing them outside the house as layering pieces. This season I’ve seen more satin, lace and sheer robes than ever before and am expecting them to carry forward for some time. (Shop our version here)


Morgan Lane 
(Morgan Lane)


Do you think these trends will withstand the test of time? Which are your favorites?

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