A Trip Down Memory Lane: Our Favorite Lingerie Photoshoots

Posted on 19 July 2018

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Holy crap, this fall WonderLust will be turning 4 years old! So I guess it's no surprise that I've been feeling nostalgic these past few weeks, looking back at some of our successes and failures so far. It’s like we're graduating from toddlerhood and about to start kindergarten: still young and completely clueless, but finally starting to gain a better understanding of the world. While managing a small child - uh, I mean business - is grueling and time consuming, there are those sporadic magical moments that remind you why you gave birth to this business in the first place and why today it's still worth all the headaches and temper tantrums.

Ok I'll stop with the baby analogies for now and focus more on the fun stuff: lingerie and naked ladies. By far, my favorite part of running WonderLust is the photoshoots I get to put together to showcase our fabulous flirty offerings. It's like I get to play dress up professionally now even though I'm a grown-ass adult. And while each shoot requires a ton of prep work (finding models, photographers and retouchers, booking spaces, styling outfits, etc.) seeing each of those final shots lights up my soul and gives me the strength to keep on powering through the tough times.

So as we're about to embark on this glorious new age of self discovery I'd like to take a trip down memory lane and document some of my favorite shoots so I can look back on them one day and see how much we've grown.


1) Beginner’s Boudoir

 Beginner's boudoir 
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Model: Yours truly

Photographer: Angelica Roberts

4 years ago I won a free boudoir photoshoot (my first) around the same time that I was launching WonderLust Lingerie. So there I was all bright eyed and bushy haired trying to drum up some confidence to pose in my skivvies. And to my surprise I actually enjoyed it a lot. Although I've never mastered the “smize” or that come-hither look, I did feel cute prancing around in my favorite undies and was astonished at all the positive support I received.


2) Playtime Pinup

 Playful Pin Up

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Model: Me again
Photographer: Lucy LaRiot

After the high of my first boudoir shoot, I wanted more. So I decided to try my hand at a pin-up inspired shoot with popular Brooklyn photographer Lucy LaRiot, just in time for Valentine's Day. She glammed me up as I decked myself out in the most romantic pieces of the season looking like I had just stepped out of a 1950's calendar. Not only did I love how the pictures came out but I was also gaining a better idea of how to style and direct a successful photoshoot.


3) Girl Talk

 Girl Talk

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Model: Doll Cat Pvssy, Pink and Kawaii Till I Die & Premium Honey
Photographer: Lucy LaRiot

I loved shooting with Lucy LaRiot so much that when 3 of my fave Instagrammers came to visit NYC I enlisted her help to shoot these lingerie lovelies. This photoshoot quickly became my favorite, working with an experienced crew of amazing women. And with each girl bringing her own flair and personality to the outfits, I was both enamored and humbled over the amazing final pics.


4) California Dreamin’

 California Dreamin'

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Model: KellyEpic
Photographer: Me

Then on a fun vacay out to LA one of my gorgeous model-esque friends graciously offered to don some of my wares along side the pretty pink backdrop of the famed Madonna Inn. With some photography experience from college, I grabbed a camera and headed over to this heavenly locale for a fun photoshoot with my girl, followed by pink drinks and dessert. The pics came out absolutely divine and I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect getaway.


5) Wonder-Lusting


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Model: Madame Finehouse, Classy Rebel & MJacks16
Photographer: Me again

Once we came out with our own collection of WonderLust undies, I realized I needed some cute booties to show them off on. So a couple of my hot jeerleading friends came on over one weekend for a girl’s photoshoot complete with bubble tea, pillow fights and stuffed animals. As it turns out, my models totally surpassed my expectations, wowing me with their natural grace in front of the camera while my photog skills seemed like they were finally starting to shape up.


6) My Funny Valentine

 My Funny Valentine

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Model: Cancan
Photographer: Yup, me again

Next up, I got the Valentine's Day itch again so I approached another model friend for help. Together we managed to shoot a bunch of unique looks in a freezing cold mid-town hotel room with poor lighting and no time to spare. Her: looking sexy, but not afraid to get down and dirty, and me: honing my skills for a back-up career as a fashion photographer. The results were both hot and hilarious - just what I was looking for.


7) Urban Dolls

 Urban Dolls

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Model: Cleavy Wonder & Like Water For Cholate
Photographer: Surprise - it's me

After that shoot, life got a bit hectic and I let months pass without any photoshoots or other outlets for my dress-up addiction. So finally this spring with the help of 2 rad girls my trigger finger finally got some good use. My adorable models had fun trying on some of WonderLust's best and I was happy to showcase these confident chicks looking super fine in our lingerie.

Whew, so that's 7 photoshoots in 4 years! I'm still not done and have tons more ideas for future shoots but unfortunately I'll have to wait until life grants me a little break from all this small-business madness. In the meantime, what kind of shoot do you think we should do next? And please get in touch if you'd like to model for us - we’re looking for all shapes, colors and sizes!

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  • Stella: July 19, 2018

    I love all of these photoshoots, especially your Boudoir shoot!!

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