Pin Me Up: My First Retro Pinup Photoshoot

Posted on 03 February 2016

Pinup pose with chair

(Posing in the Jessica Triangle bra and String Skirt)

I developed a thing for old pinup illustrations back in high school when I caught a glimpse of my first Varga Girl. So bright, so warm and so friendly with curves that could kill! This was during a time when stick figures reigned supreme and the “heroin chic” look was allover the runways. At that time, my friends and I thought that “beautiful” meant one thing only: skinny. So seeing a depiction of this vintage beauty with large perky boobs, an ample butt and sculpted legs really made a lasting impression on me.

Pinup pose with cupcake

(Posing in the Fawn bra, garter belt and thong)

Fast forward 20 years and I still admire the feminine forms of old retro pinups. Don’t get me wrong - I still long for bigger boobs and longer legs. But I no longer hold the belief that one body is any more beautiful than another. The Varga Girls along with ladies illustrated by Elvgren, Driben and Freeman, opened my eyes to see that the world was bigger than my little hometown and the fashion models it worshipped. Not only do I now find inspiration and beauty from an array of strong, unique women but I’ve found beauty within myself too. And this newfound appreciation for my own body inspired me to pose (in my skivvies, no less) for my very first retro pinup photoshoot.

Pinup pose with robe

(Posing in the Sweet Heart robe)

After the super fun task of choosing some of my favorite WonderLust Lingerie looks, I made an appointment with the ultra talented Lucy La Riot who handled all aspects of the shoot including retro hair and makeup. I was primed and primped in glamorous fashion and coached through a series of poses reminiscent of my favorite vintage ladies. I felt flirty and sassy as I was transformed for those few hours into a bombshell that teenage me would’ve marveled at. And I finally learned that the only thing you really need to be a modern day pin up is a little confidence and a smile



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