Rainbow Rapture: Ringing In The New Year

Posted on 19 January 2016

Happy 2016! We’re only 3 weeks into the New Year and already big things are happening! Now, I’m not one to read too closely into signs. Sure, I skeptically read my monthly horoscopes and believe in some of the astrological personality traits but when it comes to fate I believe that we each make our own, self-fulfilling karma. However sometimes when something amazing happens not once, but twice in one week, it’s hard not to marvel at the coincidence and not feel like it’s the universe trying to tell us something.

At the start of the New Year I was fortunate enough to be driving the beautiful Irish countryside and on my last day before returning to New York I remarked out loud that the only thing that I didn’t get to see on this picturesque road trip was a stereotypical Irish rainbow. Well do you know what appeared before my windshield not 60 seconds later? Yup, a full vibrant rainbow complete with a cheerful leprechaun and pot of gold at the end. Ok, I made that last part up….. but we were at the exact point where this arc of beauty began, illuminating the damp grasslands and leaving us with a stunning image to kick off 2016!

(Rainbow #1 on the road from Cork to Dublin)

Not a week later, home in freezing cold NYC I was reminiscing about that day and complaining on the lack of magical occurrences here at home. Well I think Mother Nature must have been listening because just as I looked up there in front of us was another beautiful rainbow arching its way over the city against a sky of dark clouds. I mean, what are the odds? I’ve lived here for 20 years and have never seen a sight like this before. Now if 2 rainbows in that first week of 2016 isn’t a sign of good luck, then I don’t know what is!

(Rainbow #2 over Stuyvesant Square)

So there you have it, I am now convinced that 2016 is going to be an amazing year. Not just here at WonderLust Lingerie, but for many of us who continue to work hard and love hard day after day. After all, I believe we make our own destiny! If I could be so lucky to have finished off last year interviewing my idol Dita Von Teese (read the full story here) and ringing in the New Year in Europe with my love then there can only be good things to come.

(My recent interview with Dita Von Teese)

WonderLust is excited for 2016 and we’re planning some fun things to get you all involved. Get ready for more unique products, fun photoshoots, contests, giveaways and pop up shops. Maybe even a quirky new WonderLust collection? You’ll have to stick around and find out as we plan on making this year spectacular and hope you’ll join us for all the fun. Here’s to 2016!



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