Trick Or Treat Yo’ Self: 5 Last Minute Boudoir Costume Ideas

Posted on 16 October 2016

Bunny Mask

Awww yeah – it’s my favorite month of the year! And not because I love fall or pumpkin spice or the cold weather (ugh), but because I finally have an excuse to dress like a nut job all month long. Hello, eyeball leggings… Great to see you, skeleton tights… How’s it going, candy corn sweater? Because in October everyone’s got Halloween on the mind and if you’re a mid 30-something weirdo with a stunted maturity level then this holiday is for you!

Costumes these days are as sexy as they come and half of them straddle the line of lingerie. So perusing the WonderLust stock I found myself inspired, envisioning costumes that could be worn at home or even transition to semi-appropriate outerwear… on October the 31st anyway. Some were kinda obvious: sexy bunny, cute kitty… but some took a little more imagination and as always I was up for the challenge. Feeling undecided about what you’re going to wear this year? Feel free to take some inspiration from these quirky costumes we’ve put together!


Bow-tiful Bunny Rabbit

Bunny costume

With the Les Fétiches Bunny Mask And Tail, it’s not hard to envision a sexy costume right off the bat - it pretty much does the work for you! But a gold trimmed velvet mask and detachable marabou tail deserve a matching bit of opulence. So we paired them with the Bow Playsuit for the ultimate in sultry and a look that’s more sex toy than Playboy.

One Eyed, One Horned, Flying Purple People Eater

Purple monster costume

It’s a bird, it’s a unicorn, it’s a flying, purple monster? Purple is such a unique color what better way to pair it than with a costume that’s just as interesting. The Tentation Bandeau and Tanga give it that sex appeal in lace but slap on some purple wings, horn and single eyeball and you’ve got a getup that’s sure to scare all the kids on the block (Note: you probably should not actually wear this in front of kids).

Sixties Siren

Hippie costume

Oh how I would’ve loved being alive in the 1960’s! Sex, drugs and rock and roll prevailed while peace and love were promoted recklessly. Thankfully, some of those sentiments are still around today as are some of the groovy fashions. As it turns out, the Golden Goddess Teddy makes for a gorgeous match when paired with feathers and lots of love. Throw on a pair of bell bottoms and you’re ready to go, you cosmic earth angel!

Veggie Burglar

Hamburglar costume

Ok this can also work as a Hamburglar costume for all you carnivores out there. The Burger Time Union Suit is so cozy and comfortable that you’ll want to wear it every day and night, therefore making for an ideal Halloween costume for staying warm in the brisk autumn eve. Just add an old-timey mask, hat and a bag for stashing all your goodies and you’re ready to start your life of crime!

Cutie Cat Lady

Cat costume

We’re not crazy – everyone loves cats! Or at least it feels like it on the Internet. So let’s flip the switch on the ‘crazy cat lady’ stereotype and show off how cute it can be to love kitties. With the Marmalade V Bra and Star Knicker you’re already halfway there – just throw on all your other kitty essentials (like our Cat Nap Eye Mask) and settle in for a fun and frisky night.

Are you inspired yet? There are so many other costumes brewing in my head right now I could barely contain them. Time to start working on next year’s!

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