Where To Go From Here: Using Lingerie To Make A Difference

Posted on 15 November 2016

Broken Heart

My heart is broken. It’s day 7 after the 2016 election and I still can’t stop tearing up from all the hatred, bigotry and misogyny spreading through our nation. Like many Americans (more than half of our nation actually!) I’m terrified at what the future holds with our new president-to-be. What does a Trump presidency mean for our country? For our world? For a mixed race woman who fiercely believes in love, acceptance and tolerance? If you are a human being who has ever been called fat, ugly, a bitch or even one of the many horrifying racial or anti LGBT slurs that I can’t even say out loud, then you know my pain.


Need a recap?

Tronald Dumps by Hansky

In case you’ve been living under a rock, America just elected its first openly racist, sexist, xenophobic and bigoted president. A man without even the tiniest shred of government experience and more scandals and lawsuits than you could even imagine. He regularly displays disgusting behavior and crude language against any person who he deems a “loser” (aka: anyone who isn’t a rich, white male like him) and he encourages violence and hatred with reckless abandon. Everyone thought it was a joke when he announced his candidacy but as a minority and as a woman I knew first hand the sad truth that America has an underlying appetite for bullying and hatred and that he could very well win this election. Sadly, I was right. Gone are the days of professional leadership, political correctness and inclusion for everyone. I fear that we are about to start a new dark era filled with war and terror.


How to help:

Helping Hands

Honestly, I’m still in the grieving phase but I’m fully aware that it’s time to get up and start fighting. But where to go from here? Being vocal is a start but I realize my social media feeds are basically an echo chamber, self curated to reflect those who already share the same values/morals as I do. So next I vow to start volunteering and protesting with my fellow friends because I believe in the rights of all humans: Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Muslims, Women, Gay, Bi, Transgendered, Disabled, Old, Young, Fat, Skinny… I also will no longer avoid mixing business and politics because these are critical times and people should know that they’re not alone. And lastly, I will start donating to those that need it the most and that are at the greatest risk during these scary times.


Donations start here.

Birth Control Hipsters

As WonderLust Lingerie launches our small new line of branded undies this week there’s one style that has stuck with me the most and that’s our Birth Control Hipsters. I designed these hipsters as an homage to my most trusted source of birth control and as a reminder that politicians can fuck off when it comes to restricting our access to it along with our rights. My body, my choice. Which is why I’m now inspired to officially donate ½ of all proceeds from this style to Planned Parenthood to help continue their ongoing (and growing) battle for women’s rights. So for every one of these styles sold, WonderLust will write a check to one of the biggest champions of women’s health in history. It’s the least we can do in these frighteningly unstable times.


Your turn!

Love The Earth

At the end of the day it’s unity that we are desperately in need of right now. If you feel the same way then I urge you to get more involved so that our world can move forward instead of backwards as our president-elect and half the nation would like to have it. My sleep these past few nights have been fraught with nightmares but it’s time to use that fear to fight for what’s right. Now is the time.

To learn how you can fight against the spread of hatred here are a few websites that can help:

Planned Parenthood

American Civil Liberties Union


Council on American-Islamic Relations

Border Angels

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