How to win on Thanksgiving

Posted on 15 November 2017

Thanksgiving dinner

Every year I'm undecided on how I'm going to approach the Thanksgiving meal ahead of me. Do I indulge in each dish with reckless abandon? Do I limit my calories and head towards the veggies? Or skip the main course and just carb load on desserts? It's enough to drive a girl pressured by our societal standards crazy. That's why this year I recommend taking a cue from WonderLust and satiating yourself with our guilt free, vegan, gluten free, 0 calorie, non-GMO, low fat, sodium free, all natural, kosher, sugar free offerings that are practically guaranteed to leave you satisfied! Here's how it works:


As an appetizer

Waiting for dinnertime to roll around takes foorrrrrevvvverrrrr. And when you've been fantasizing about this annual spread for months it takes everything in your willpower not to eat your own arm off while you wait. So in the meantime why not tide yourself over with a light appetizer like our Holy Guacamole hipsters? Avocados are one of our favorite superfoods and when paired with chips or some pita bread you're sure to be satisfied enough to get you through the next 10-12 minutes, at least.

Holy Guacamole Hipsters 


For the main course

Finally, the moment you've been dreaming of has arrived. Prepare for total food domination with a selection of savory favorites! While turkey, mashed potatoes and green beans reign supreme, they've also been over hyped and are totally expected at this point. So we say switch things up with year round favorites. How about a tasty hamburger with all the fixings?

Hamburger Pajamas

Or if you require more cheese then may I suggest the Spicoli swim set which has your name all over it?

 Pizza bikini

Or you can also take it down to fiesta town with everybody's favorite Mexican tacos! Just because Thanksgiving is an American holiday doesn't mean we can't be thankful for the cuisines of other nations too.

Taco Bout It Hipsters 

Wash it all down

By now you're stomach is probably nearing capacity and could use a little help moving it all along. WonderLust thinks it's important to stay hydrated during your big meal, which is why we recommend the Bubble Tea hipsters so you can quench that thirst, and have a little fun with some chewy boba at the same time.

 Bubble Tea Hipsters

Not a fan of tapioca in your drink? Boys tears will work just as well and are fortified with some extra pizazz to make you feel refreshed and ready to take on the next course. 

 Boys Tears Tee

Palette cleanser

Next up as you continue to navigate this magical evening is a fruit palette cleanser to get a little ascorbic acid into that belly of yours. Vitamin C never looked so sexy with the Cherry Drop bra set offering you a healthy dose of the stuff as well as Potassium and antioxidants.

 Cherry Drop bra set

We also recommend watermelon, both in boxer set form and sock form since you can never have too much watermelon in your life.

 Watermelon pajamas

Watermelon socks

And of course, don't forget strawberries for a dose of sweetness that'll get you pumped up for the next (and best) portion of the meal..... dessert.

Strawberry socks  

Dessert time! 

Ok, this is it. Everything you've been training for. Ignore that full, gross feeling, unzip those pants and get ready to shovel in pure and total joy. We'll start with some colorful iced donuts (I heard the pilgrims loved these) and add in a couple of cronuts too while we're at it because how could you not?

 Donut bikini

Cronut pajama pants

Don't forget the cupcakes of course and you'll want to load up on some macarons too because you're fancy.

 Cupcake pasties 

Macaron bathrobe

And finally just when you thought you'd burst at the seams, we recommend topping it all off with cool, creamy ice cream to help wind down before the long trek home. Yes folks, this is what heaven tastes like.

Ice Cream bathing suit

After an evening like this it helps to take a moment to fully digest and give thanks if you haven't already for all your blessings in your life. Don't take too long though because now it's time to start the stress of Black Friday and holiday madness!

Seriously though, if our recommended courses don't satisfy your cravings then we say dive right in and eat all the food you want this Thanksgiving. After all, we only live once and I don't know about you but I'd rather be happy, chubby and snuggled up in my hamburger pj's than hungry and regretful. 

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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