12 Completely Impractical Pieces Of Lingerie You Can Buy Me This Holiday

Posted on 12 December 2017

Disclaimer: WonderLust does not sell any of the lingerie in this post. 


(bra by Wacoal)

I’m not usually one for hand outs but I’ve got to say – the lingerie I’m about to show you are pieces I’d be willing to beg, cheat and steal for. I don’t know what it is lately but I’ve been noticing some pretty spectacular things from some pretty spectacular designers and while totally impractical, I also deem them totally necessary for the maintenance of my wellbeing.

Think I sound a little dramatic? Well wait until you feast your eyes on these works of art! Something tells me if Santa dropped one of these babies in your stocking you’d be hard pressed to turn them down too. Between the unique design, high craftsmanship and attention to details these outrageous designs belong in a museum (or just on my body would suffice). Here are my top 12 pieces of lingerie for this year - just try to hold yourself together!


1) NGNP corset by Emiah


After I first fainted and picked myself up, I then spent hours trying to articulate the amazingness of this breathtaking corseted bodysuit but alas, to no avail. How can I accurately describe the beauty of these hand sewn pearls and glass beads? I’m just going to leave this picture right here and let it speak for itself.


2) Trèfle bra by Wacoal Japan


The day Wacoal Japan doesn’t wow me is the day I quit the lingerie industry all together! Somehow this retailer knows the way to my heart and that way is with flowers. Ruffled, frilly, powder pink flowers. All over my boobs. It doesn’t get more girly than this – thank you Wacoal!


3) Angel Heart set by Lovechild Boudoir

Lovechild Boudoir

Contrary to popular belief, I’ve never actually performed burlesque. But that doesn’t mean I don’t covet the lingerie! There’s something about watching clothes move under the spotlight that stirs something deep in my heart. Tassels are particularly fun for shaking and shimmying whether on stage or off. And trust me, if I owned this set I’d be shaking my assets 24/7.


4) Glow In The Dark Clear Corset by Artifice Clothing

Artifice Clothing

I am just aching to wear this corset so I can fulfill my inner Tron fantasies…. Only with less chase scenes and more sexy ones. While not completely practical, this clear plastic corset with glowing trim gives me all the feels and brings me back to my clubbing days. Ahh, youth! I’m too old for the rave scene now but I still feel confident that I can find a way to incorporate this striking corset into my every day wardrobe.


5) Art Deco Gold pasties by Bordelle


Somewhere between college and my 20’s I traded in my silver jewelry for gold. Something about the luxury it elicits makes me feel sophisticated and refined – just like a real adult! So when I saw Bordelle came out with 24 karat gold pasties I freaked a little. Do I care that these $164 nipple covers are only made for 1 time wear? Pffft, please! It’s a small price to pay for the chance to don true luxury on your tatas.


6) Rose Fishnets by Lirika Matoshi

Lirika Matoshi

So have you seen the tights by Lirika Matoshi on Instagram yet? I’m just dying to get these on my legs. Sequin and rhinestone flowers are appliqued all down the front of these colorful fishnets making them some of the most impractical tights I’ve ever seen. And I must have them!


7) Silk Corset by Jane Woolrich

Jane Woolrich

Oh, Jane! Each of your corsets is like an Edwardian work of art! I can’t even with this pink one that has appliqued lace, satin bows and a ruffled crinoline. Marie Antoinette, eat your heart out (along with your cake)! I’ll just be here prancing around like pink royalty until then….


8) Jewelry Harness by Agnieszka Osipa Costumes

Agnieszka Osipa

Someone please tell me where I can buy this beaded transparent garter belt! The beading detail on this harness is absolutely spectacular and while I can’t imagine it’s practical for holding up any kind of real hosiery, it doesn’t actually need to do anything besides sit there and look completely stunning….. I’m sold.


9) Clear Pearl Bra set by Creepyyeha


Continuing the transparent trend is this pearl encrusted bra/suspender belt combo that I literally can’t stop staring at. Is that rude? Creepyyeha just makes such innovative designs that I never really realized my love for couture lingerie until I discovered her collections. While her shop is temporarily on hiatus you can be sure fans like me will be knocking at her door once she’s back up and running.


10) Moon And Star Bra by Peach John

Peach John

If you read my blog post this past September you’d know that Peach John holds a special place in my heart. I’ve been shopping there for decades, continually enchanted by their whimsical collections. Like this intricate dangling star bra with delicate lace that’s out of this world (pun intended). This bra is so charming it’s officially inspired me to invest in a telescope and to read my horoscope more often.


11) Hello Kitty 2 dress by Linda Friesen Couture

Linda Friesen

Are you kitten me? A couture, polymorph dress that’s both hand sculpted AND features Hello Kitty across the bosoms?! Seriously though, she had me at Hello Kitty. This 3D plastic looking dress thingy can pass for a chemise in my book and makes my favorite kawaii kitty look all grown up. Just like I try to pretend to be! :)


12) Armour Corset by Divamp


Stick a fork in me - I’m done. This corset with matching bustle has me reeling and if I owned it I’d never take it off. Mirrored polyvinyl is my new favorite fabric now, knowing it can create masterpieces like these. While you’re buying me this, be sure to throw in the matching choker and headpiece into the cart too, please!


Now that you’ve seen them all which is your favorite? Oh, and don’t worry if you’ve already finished up your holiday shopping for this year remember…. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. ;)

If you're looking for more practical, yet equally beautiful lingerie this season then check out our 2017 Gift Guide!

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