Curve Recap: So Much Lingerie, So Little Time

Posted on 14 March 2019

Curve New York


Oof what a month! Between packing for a move, building a portfolio & a minor health scare it’s been tough keeping it all together this winter. But spring is on the horizon and lucky me got to recently indulge in my favorite almost-spring pastime: shopping the bi-annual Curve Expo lingerie show!

With everything going on I couldn’t spend my usual amount of time with each designer or see all the brands I was hoping to. But at least I still managed to make a dent in my shopping list and am now recapping my favorite looks for those who may have missed out. Read on, dear lingerista!

Fraulein Kink:

Fraulein Kink

Fraulein Kink

We're no stranger to this brand (see here & here) and we live for their lascivious collections. You may have seen the laser cut leather collection before, but lemme tell you - up close and personal, it's simply divine. A dash of S&M mixed with religious undertones makes these high end pieces luxuriously blasphemous. And I particularly love the extended size range they're now offering for a wider range of body types!

Noblesse Oblige:

Noblesse Oblige

Noblesse Oblige

A few seasons in and I'm still a fan of Noblesse's quirky design aesthetic and attainable prices. This season their newest collection featured sweet details like little pansy-shaped buttons and romantic flock printing to mimic an embroidered effect on comfy soft mesh.

Studio Pia:

Studio Pia

Studio Pia

How excited was I to finally meet the British-based Studio Pia and her dreamy collections in person? Her metallic embroideries, eclectic colors and sexy-as-hell silhouettes did not disappoint.  And while her luxury price point were a bit much for us this season, I was still thrilled to connect with a brand I've admired for years. 

Ipek Kiramer:

Ipek Kiramer 

Ipek Kiramer

I wasn't familiar with luxury Turkish label Ipek Kiramer until their gorgeous tulle chemises beckoned me over to their booth and for that I thank them. Soft, flowing gowns, quality fabrics (I hear they use Chanel's lace supplier) and the occasional flash of neon trim lends this high end brand a touch of whimsy to their feminine and sophisticated looks.

The Lingerie Addict:

For me, the best part of these trade shows are the new brands you discover walking the floor. But many smaller indie brands can't afford a booth at an established trade show like Curve. Which is why this season The Lingerie Addict brought buyers a taste of what they're missing with a special booth highlighting an array of talented young brands that were not exhibiting at the show. I got to fawn over pieces from Love Pillowbook, Emma Harris and Tisja Damen in person, and it made my heart flutter. There's nothing like comparing what you see on Instagram vs IRL! 

Love Pillowbook

(Love Pillowbook)


Emma Harris

(Emma Harris)


Tisja Damen

(Tisja Damen)


Other Notable Mentions:

During my speedy visit this season, I managed to snap some pretty pretties along the way and a few of my faves included: 

Rya Collection

This feather robe from Rya Collection..... always charming, always gorgeous.


Maison Close
A kinky favorite from Maison Close with attached leg cuffs.


Ma Liberte
Comme de Garçons vibes at Ma Liberte (I can't resist a heart print).


Playful Promises
Celestial sparkles at Playful Promises.


Unique and sophisticated color combinations at Memoi.

All in all I really wish I had more time at the show this season, but life slows down for no one and WonderLust is on the move (literally). Wish us luck and keep watch for some new spring arrivals coming soon!


Which looks are your favorite? Which brands did I miss?

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