Roller Derby Saved My Soul

Posted on 16 September 2015

(An example of derby style as photographed by David Dyte)
Ok, it didn't exactly save my soul - that's a bit dramatic - but these song lyrics are not too far off... it has helped to change my views on body image and the fashion industry as a whole.
(A roller derby jam as photographed by Manish Gosalia)
You see, contrary to what many people think, roller derby is a serious sport with a growing fan base. It requires speed, strength and agility and though there is still plenty of action and excitement to go around, the sport has come a long way from the theatrical, scripted events of the past. These are real girls skating it out in real jams and getting really hurt at times. They follow a strict set of rules and everything is monitored in accordance with the WFTDA, so yeah - it's a real sport.
(That's me as Dita Von Sleaze in the middle! Photo by Manish Gosalia)
Last week on The Lingerie Addict I had a chance to talk about my experience in the roller derby as a member of the support staff and how it's affected not only my views on my own body but also that of the fashion and lingerie industry. I also talked about how the fashions have influenced my style these past few years and encouraged me to take more sartorial risks like I used to do back in the day. This empowering sport has made me consider designing a roller derby line of undies and socks, inspired by the fun and sassy nature of this female-centric and eclectic community. Rainbows, sequins, fishnets.... I can just see it now..... Read on to learn more about the sport and how it's changed me for the better.

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