Behind The Scenes: Inside Our Latest Lingerie Photoshoot

Posted on 20 April 2016

I just love me a good photoshoot! It's one of the most fun parts of my job and keeps my creativity flowing each season. Fortunately for me I've met some amazing beauties on this lingerie journey of mine and three of them happened to be in NYC this month looking for a little lingerie modeling adventure!

So after a couple weeks of prepping I was elated to shoot Dollcat, Pink & Kawaii and Premium Honey for the day (these are their social media handles and not their real names, in case you didn't know)! Together we all showed up on a rainy Thursday at Lucy La Riot studios, partially soaked but ready to go. Our rock star photographer and her assistant were able to work double duty as makeup artist and hair stylist for these three babes and before no time they were confident and camera ready.

Once we got shooting the energy was electrifying (or maybe that was just Dollcat's clear blue eyes) and the girls were killing it. Each had a unique look that suited her personality to a T with WonderLust Lingerie to match. Dollcat played the sultry sex vixen naturally. The provocative open cup styles she flaunted were complimented by her icy baby blues, posh accent and kinky styling props. This lady was a natural in front of the camera and ended up inspiring us all with her unapologetic confidence.

Pink and Kawaii was also a joy on was like having a living doll play dress up in our new floaty spring styles! We just gave her a bunch of pastel balloons and she was in her element hitting all the right moves and living up to her adorable Instagram name. And Premium Honey was amazing, turning it out as the sophisticated, classy lingerista she is and modeling some of our coolest styles on her tiny bombshell frame. Two minutes in to her shoot and she had us all oogling her goodies (in a non-creepy way) and aspiring to a new set of life goals!

With seven of us packed into that little Brooklyn studio we managed to successfully get the job done in just a few hours with a little help from our friends Reese's and Kit Kat. The results were amazing and I feel so fortunate to have met these sweet and down to earth lingerie bloggers through social media. In case you haven't seen the photos yet, click around our site a bit and you'll be sure to run into some, like here and here, oh and this beauty here. It's always a blast to shoot a lingerie campaign but when your models are so much fun to hang out with and love the lingerie they're in it's just the best!

If you're interested in modeling for WonderLust Lingerie drop us a line! We're always looking for new girls of any shape, size, color or background to represent our colorful WonderLust brand!  



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