Boobs, Butts And Babes: The Female Body Is Trending

Posted on 21 June 2018

Jordan Sondler boobs

(Art by Jordan Sondler)


Tatas, knockers, fun bags, tits, honkers, hooters, melons... what ever you call them: boobs are having a moment right now. Actually all lady parts are. Possibly due to the wave of feminism that’s shining a light on inequality awareness with movements like #metoo and #timesup. Or because women are making efforts to accept and love their bodies more than ever before. Either way, all things female are trending and as someone who grew up in a family full of gynecologists, activists and teachers, I am here for it (in case my WonderLust offerings didn’t make that obvious already).

Not to take away anything from men, but the female body is just so awe-inspiring and magical it deserves to be celebrated. It has the ability to give life and nourishment and has long been a source of art and inspiration. And the best part is that even with all their differences, all are beautiful and unique in so many different ways. Whether large or small, light or dark, decorated or natural..... all female-identifying bodies are equally amazing.

So today I’m dedicating this post to the T, the A and everything in between because I believe our lady parts should be honored and I'm not afraid to show it (even in my #ootd)!

Boob tee

It only seemed fitting that a lingerie designer/blogger/retailer should own this t-shirt and wear it proudly at professional functions. I mean in what other industry could you get away with that?


Coucou Suzette shirt

My boob t-shirt may be the tits but it’s not so practical in the colder months. Not a problem now with my nudie girl button down shirt though! These cute cartoon ladies are in various states of undress and always make for a great conversation starter.


Coucou Suzette socks

Are you a boob person or a butt person? Both provide hours of fun and also make for some adorable socks. We’ve sold out of these babies before so better snatch them up while you can!

Bra pop up book

I work up close and personal with breasts of all sizes so I really appreciate this pop up book. Boobs as wine, boobs as ice cream cones.... the fun never ends with this interactive history about the brasierre.


Knickerocker uterus brief

Granny panties are no longer taboo and these happen to be my personal faves. All the ladies in my family have a pair as kind of a girl gang symbol. We have a couple more of these left in our shop if you want to join our squad!


Coucou Suzette pins

With the success of our boob and butt socks it only felt natural to carry them in pin form. Throw some breasts or cheeks on your lapel for a bold look or give 1 boob to your breast friend and keep the other for a grown up take on the bff necklaces of our youth.


Framed nudes

When I first framed these photos years back people assumed I was LGBTQ. Regardless of sexual preference, many people can appreciate the strength, art and beauty of the female form on a non-sexual level. Today I have almost a dozen nudes in my apartment and it's my little haven of artistry!


Coucou Suzette washi tape

Hands down these are the best washi tapes I’ve ever purchased. The same designer as our enamel pins and socks makes these cute rolls of tape that I love to add to gifts, cards and notes whenever I can.


Ok so I may own a lot of female paraphernalia already, but still my collection keeps on growing! Here's what's next on my shopping list:


Boob bathmat
(Bathmat by Need Supply Co)


Uterus sweater
(Uterus sweater by Rachel Antonoff)


Boob pillow
(Pillow by Gravel and Gold)


Boob ring
(Ring by Dallas Maynard)

And of course, some that I (and probably the world) could do without: 

Boob slippers
(Slippers by Ozze Creations)


Nails by Mei

Would you wear any of this stuff? What trend do you think is next: penis pride perhaps?

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  • Tavera Del Toro: June 22, 2018

    Love the point and yes, the female shape is lightyears more attractive. Love the boobie slippers:P

  • Michael : June 21, 2018

    I personally like the butt socks and the boob ring, but the uterus sweater is a bit much. 😬

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