Misconceived Notions: Stereotypes We're Tired Of Hearing

Posted on 23 March 2016

If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me if I designed crotchless panties.... Well, let's just say I'd be a much richer lady right now! Not that there's anything wrong with crotchless panties (in fact I have designed some before) but there is something wrong with making such inappropriate comments to someone you've just met - especially if they are unwanted & sexual.
Unfortunately this is one of many unsolicited questions I've received numerous times working as a lingerie designer & now a lingerie buyer. But why do people feel the need to say anything at all? If they were truly interested in what kind of work I do then why not ask what kind of lingerie I design rather than assuming something in a poor attempt to make a tasteless joke (Can you tell most of these perpetrators are men)? The truth is that being a lingerie designer is usually not about sex but about fashion, trends & functionality. Sorry guys!
Ugh, I'm getting riled up just talking about these stereotypes so I'll spare you the details right now.... But if you don't mind a little bitching & want to hear more about what other stereotypes we lingerie professionals get then check out my newest article on The Lingerie Addict where I break down 5 of the most annoying stereotypes & why they're so detrimental to our line of work today.

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