Become A Lingerie Hacker

Posted on 03 June 2015

Ugh, wardrobe malfunctions - amiright? Nothing can ruin my day as quickly as a broken underwire or ripped stockings. I've tried tons of hacks and quick fixes but not everything works as well as it does on MacGyver and half the time I end up trashing my beloved lingerie which breaks my heart!

But I have some success stories in the past few years and, since most of the lingerie is for my eyes only, it doesn't even matter that it's not neat or professional looking! That's why today on The Lingerie Addict I'm talking about some of my favorite hacks that have made my life easier and saved my favorites (hey, I get emotionally attached). From salvaging grungy bra straps to keeping a strapless bra in its place, these insider tips could help save your skivvies too. Or at least your sanity….. Read more about them here.



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