Fun With Fox At The Femmy’s

Posted on 05 February 2015

(Vivica Fox looking regal beside the FIT student exhibition)

Every year the Underfashion Club in NYC hosts an industry wide gala to honor some of the most noted contributors in the intimate apparel industry. This year, I was fortunate enough to score myself a press pass and got a chance to soak up the fanfare in my new tuxedo pantsuit that I’ve been dying to show off! This gala’s celebrity host was the bedazzled Vivica A. Fox in a gold curve-highlighting gown complete with sparkling embellishments and a bit of visible nipple (oops)!

Aside from the premiere of Ms. Fox’s headlights, one of the highlights of the Femmy awards, and my favorite part, is the student exhibition featuring lingerie designs from some of the most talented undergrads at the Fashion Institute of Technology (my alma mater!). These students represent the very best of the new talent gearing up to join the intimate apparel industry, and previewing the designs they’ve created for the event is a fun and inspiring experience.

There were six finalists who designed their senior collection around the theme of Broadway musicals. Each student studied the costumes from a musical of their choice and reinterpreted them into a three-piece lingerie look to represent their vision. There is something so refreshing about viewing the innovative works of budding designers who have no limit in where their creativity can take them. Without the pressures of consumerism or adhering to corporate confines, these fresh-faced designers were free to let their imaginations run wild and came up with some exciting and impressive works for us all to enjoy.

Here are a few photos of the garments on display so you can fall in love with them as I did earlier this week. All six students were equally as charming and excited to share their work - I believe they will go far in this industry. What do you think?

(Designers from left to right: Stephanie Reitmann Schwarz, Consuelo Garcia,Jezebel Torres Ortiz, Kate Tobin, Hilary M. Baxter, Samantha Burns)



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