Be Mine

Posted on 21 January 2015

(“Have A Heart” by Gil Elvgren)

One of my favorite holidays of the year is almost upon us and I couldn’t be more excited! Sure, it’s kind of turned into more of a Hallmark holiday than anything else, but the sentiment is still there and so are the loads and loads of heart themed products. Chocolates, roses, candy, stuffed animals and lingerie (natch) abound in one of the best and underutilized color combinations ever: red and pink.

(photo from Luella & June 2011)

But not everyone is as pumped up for V-Day as I am and that’s ok. Whether you are against the holiday all together or just prefer a more subtle approach, there’s still a way to celebrate in your own way. Buy yourself a special gift just for you. Go see that horror flick you’ve been contemplating. Indulge in a little self-lovin’. ;)


(Left to right: Fuzzy Cuffs, Show Off Garter Belt, Queen Of Hearts Tassels, Dame De Paris Push Up Bra)

Whatever way you choose to celebrate, we can help. We’ve curated a section of V-worthy styles sure to strike your fancy and have added a bunch of new products to boot. From romantic to risqué we’re sure you’ll be able to find something to float your boat this Valentine’s Day season.



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