New Year, New Unique You

Posted on 07 January 2015

We're all about independence here at WonderLust. We don't fit in, we don't play by the rules and we don't conform to any one else's standards but our own. We enjoy supporting budding designers with unique points of view and those who march to the beat of their own drum. Life is too short to spend your energy pleasing others. We believe in listening to your inner voice and finding out what really makes you happy. We hope our site helps inspire you to express yourself through fashion, beauty and the magic of lingerie.

While my personal style has came a long way since my preteens idolizing Clarissa Darling, I still can't help but gravitate towards prints, bright colors and texture. Anything that glitters or sparkles must be mine and weird, kooky details are my nom de plume. While others out there share my zany approach to self-expression, it really can be hard to fully show your true colors on a daily basis with the demands of society and the corporate world. That's one of the reasons why I turned to lingerie in the first place. It is a safe way to be as crazy, conservative, sexy or sporty as you'd like, away from the judgmental eye of others. This is where one can really go all out: with undies, bras, socks, accessories and sleepwear that speak to who you really are.

Ok, so maybe not all people share the same sentiment but for those that do, WonderLust can help! We want to encourage you this New Year to don your cute undies no matter who is watching! Wear them for yourself and to inspire the confidence and happiness within. And while you're at it - throw out the rulebook! Mix and match sets, clash prints, show it off! You're in charge of your own destiny and 2015 is going to be your year.

Want to mix things up a little? Try some of our offbeat styles with 15% off all purchases when you enter code YOUNIQUE at checkout through January 16th.



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